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© Photo: Kevin Bitz; Wedding Sina and Julian Danso; Aug 2019

Good to see you!

This place is all about you.

Your special day, your love, for your story. A free wedding is more than a simple celebration after the "contract" at the registry office. You say "yes" to each other at the most important place in the world: in front of your loved ones. I am there on this special day so that they can get to know your love and your story. And who knows, if we embark on this journey together, not only I, but maybe you too, will learn something about you and your relationship too.

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© Photo: Kevin Bitz; Wedding Sina and Julian Danso; Aug 2019


A furtive kiss on a friend's birthday - a friendship grows - a smile - a swipe - an intimate conversation 4 full hours - the thousand and second hug...

Every love is different, every couple is special and every wedding is unique -  therefore your wedding should be unique as well and it will be - that, I promise you.

No ready-made phrases, no random quotes from famous writers, no "for others" poetry - your love. No more and no less.

I promise to keep the balance between joy and romance, as well as seriousness and lightness, and to keep an eye on the dramaturgy of your day with a dose of humor.



© Photo: Kevin Bitz; Wedding Sina and Julian Danso; Aug 2019

Our first introductory meeting is of course free of charge.

Then there are at least 3 more appointments:

  1. Appointment:   joint conversation for three

  2. Appointment:  Secrecy only with you as the bride

  3. Appointment:  Secrecy only with you as the groom



      optional: appointments with your witnesses inside;        

       grand parents or other people playing an important

      role in your life

Price:    variable according to your budget and your wishes



If there is a language that can capture, strengthen and carry emotions best, for me it is the language of music. Since I was a child, music has been my constant companion. I am also happy to give you a champagne reception at your wedding or when you are "marching out" and during the congratulations, a little background music in the form of guitar and / or singing.


Price: variable according to your budget and your wishes



© Foto: Christine Sauer, Hochzeit Marc-Oliver und Rebecca Seidler Juni 2022



Haven't found the right place for your very special day yet? I can also help with this if necessary. Please include this in your contact request. 

There are a few special places where you will be welcomed by both a family and a professional team. Believe me, you can feel good all around.

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A special day deserves to be hold in special memories. I dont know what ou think, but in my opinion one of the important things is to capture one of the most amazing moments of your life in a special but natural way. If your still looking for some professional partners, who not only capture your day but all the emotions shown on this special occasion, i can highly recommand Jasmin (photographer) and Robin (videographer). So let´s go visit them on their websites.



We had a wonderful time with Cathy. Even the first meeting was super relaxed and we laughed a lot in our time together as we shared our memories. The speech Cathy wrote for us was simply wonderful - the perfect balance between emotional, funny and before all very personal and specifically adapted to us and our relationship. There was a lot of laughter and the one or other tear of joy was shed ours included.

Dear Cathy, thousand times thank you for making our day unforgettable through your amazing voice and your professional coolness! 

Familie Hoffmann 

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